IGT Vice President: VR takes to atmosphere you cannot resist
IGT Vice President: VR takes to atmosphere you cannot resist

15 August 2017

Senior Vice President of Global Product Marketing Interactive - ‎IGT (International Game Technology) - Matteo Monteverdi - regards VR as one of the basic technologies that can capture the interest of a new generation of players. Not long ago, the company presented Siege VR. With HTC Vive VR glasses, a user plunges into a breathtaking game atmosphere different from the real world. You cannot say no to it.

According to Matteo Monteverdi, today, companies capture clients in different ways:

► introduce VR;
► develop skill-based games;
► offer an omni-channel content and mobile solutions;
► offer e-table games, etc.

VR technology is the most promising because it offers absolutely unique experience to users. Millennials and Generation Z don’t want the same reality, they strive for the complete plunging into the world of adventures to train all their skills.

The IGT new product – Siege VR – takes a user to a tight-knit universe. A gamer armed with a bow and arrows has to protect a castle from invaders. In fact, using VR technology, you can become the main hero of your favorite story.

The main Sierge VR aim is all VR possibilities demonstration. In the future, the company plans to introduce the similar content in online casino and monetize it. Thus, gamers will be awarded with points for each hit target.

Matteo Monteverdi is optimistic about the VR future in the game industry. He notices that home VR devices are getting more widespread and actively promoted by media. The expert isn’t sure whether VR would ensure gambling development but the progress is impossible without new gaming possibilities and powerful content.

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