How streaming video is changing the industry of online games
How streaming video is changing the industry of online games

28 July 2017

Technologies and tendencies in the world of online games are changing so rapidly that consumers have little time to get used to them. Innovations and brand-new trends appear every season.

The audience is also changing: there are more and more fans of online games; the focus is shifting to the generation of millennials (young people born in the period from 80s and 90s). We can also see emergence of video game and gambling audiences: fans of computer strategies and gaming apps for a smartphone enter the world of online casino.

What does the future hold?

Online streaming is one of the new spheres closely related to online games. Experts forecast that the technology will substantially change the industry in the next few years.

People are obsessed with watching others who are involved in something unusual. This is the key reason for popularity of online streaming. In the future, online casino will likely have an opting of streaming their games to Twitch or other equivalent streaming services.

Nowadays, beginners can watch live video from casino games and poker tournaments in Twitch or YouTube: the majority of modern people consider video the best way to learn about something new. Besides, they are attracted by the immersive experience.

Lots of gambling providers such as PokerStars broadcast eSports events or casino games. Gamblers can watch the tournament before placing their bets.

Streaming video has a great influence on the gambling industry. The integration will continue in the near future. It seems that new options in online casino will be created and the number of popular channels broadcasting gaming events will rise.

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